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10 things to know before you go:

  1. Paint 

 Tempera certified Non-toxic and conforms to Conforms to ASTM D-4236 regulations and is AP certified.

Although the paint is perfectly safe, we provide safety glasses to avoid it getting in your eyes, it's just more comfortable that way. The paint can stain some fabrics and will stain (in a cool way) our Splatter Box T's. We provide free plastic to cover your car seats for the ride home. We don't have a clean up or changing area, if you are worried about the mess, we recommend wearing ponchos while painting.  The paint will wash from your body and hair easily in the shower at home.

   2. Check out our awesome food partner for food and table seating. link here. 

   3. We provide free plastic for the car ride home. 


   4. Peak times are mid day Saturday and Sunday. 

If you would like to avoid crowds, any other time other than mid day Saturday and Sunday has a better chance of doing that. Although it may still be busy depending on the weekend. 

​   5. What to wear?

Wear white to glow bright in the blacklights! Paint may permanently stain clothes. Other than that, wear party gear, because after all, it's all about enjoying life.  We have awesome white shirts and hats available for purchase. 

​   6. Read the rules page

Please read the rules page. We are all about having a good time, and all of our rules are made with that in mind. Even the NO RUNNING rule is to preserve the good time for all. Running is only fun for the person doing it, but not so much for the others that they may run into.

   7. Please read the FAQ

Our FAQ page can answer many questions that are frequently asked. In general if it's not listed, we don't offer it. But if you are wondering about something, it can most likely be answered there. 

   8. Watch videos

We have videos throughout the website, including on the how it works page. This can give you a better idea of what to expect. Some videos are a few years old and we have made some changes, but the general activity is the same. This is a DIY activity and is pretty straightforward, you arrive at your scheduled time, get your paint from the paint bar, put your things in the locker, then get to painting. That's really  all there is to it. 


   9. All ages welcome. 

We have had humans from 6 months to 104 and all have enjoyed the activity.  It is a loud, and exciting activity and some can get overwhelmed with the excitement, but usually get used to it after a few minutes and have a blast. 

   10. Purchase additional paint/supplies in advance and save BIG.

Click here to save BIGYour booking comes with paint, but if you are wanting additional paint, bazookas, shirts, hats, canvases, then this is a great opportunity for big savings. Save 10% on advance purchases, use code "FUN10" when checking out. Do you want to pay full retail price in store?

Be sure to send this page link to your guests. Also send them a link to the paint menu so they can purchase any additional items for them or their child.