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Frequently asked questions

Booking info

What comes with a group booking?

Group bookings 1 hour 30 minutes . Up to 12 people per group. This reserves your spot to splatter paint and comes with 40 bottles of paint, then you can purchase paint $3/bottle, or canvases if you choose. If you wish to book a party instead, see the party booking page for party info.

How many people can attend?

Check bookings page for the different options.

Are canvases included?

Canvases can be purchased additionaly

Can I arrive early to set up?

Up to 15 minutes early for Party bookings. Please no early arrivals for group bookings.

Can I bring my own canvases or paint?

No. We use specific paint. Our canvases have take-home boxes made for them so you can transport your wet artwork.

If I book a spot will I share the space?

Yes. please follow 6 ft social distance

Can I bring food?

Food is only allowed for party bookings.

What if I need more than 1 hour?

If you need more than 1 hour, book a party as they are 2 hrs slots.

Will I receive a confirmation email?

Yes, it is automated. If you don't receive it, check your spam or junk folder, it may end up there.

How big are the bottles of paint?

2oz. 1 bottle can go very far when designing a canvas. Paint wars will use more paint.

Can I book 2 group spots?

You can book 2 group spots to accomodate extra people if you choose, or book up to 20 individual spots.

Does my group booking allow seating or food?

No, group or lindividual bookings aren't for seating or food. Please book a Party if you are wanting to have a party.

How do I reschedule?

Create an account on our site and login as a site member. From there you can keep track of your bookings and also reschedule up to 24hrs before your booking begins.

What's the best way to keep track of my booking?

Create an account and login as a site member. You can see future bookings and reschedule if needed. We also have an app that you can use that is a little more in depth. You can download the spaces app and create a login using the same email you used for your booking. You can see your current and past bookings, contact us, get notifications from us. There should be a prompt to download the app on the home page of

General FAQ

How much paint will I use?

You should plan on at least 3 bottles of paint per person but, how much you use is really up to you.

Will the paint stain my clothing?

It may! We use high quality paint so it glows bright in the black light and creates a vibrant design on your canvas. We have caps, ponchos, and shoe covers to help with the mess for $1/each.

Will the paint stain my body or hair?

No. It will wash off easily in the shower at your home.

Do you have clean up areas?

We have a sink and paper towels for you to use. These are only meant to be used to wash your hands and face. It is not intended for a FULL BODY WASH. You will NOT be able to get 100% clean. After you wash yourself, the blacklight will still show a bit of paint residue that you will not be able to see in white light. If you are concerned about mess then we recommend the use of shower caps, ponchos and shoe covers.

Will the paint get in my car?

It could and it is up to you to protect it. We do have free plastic for you to use to cover your seats. Although the paint can stain some fabrics, it does wash off of most non porous materials with soap and water.

Can I bring my own canvases or paint?

No. We use specific paint. Our canvases have take-home boxes made for them so you can transport your wet artwork.

What do we do at Splatter Box?

You can paint on walls, create designs on each other, and our suggested use of desiging on canvases. Many parties turn into a "paint fight" and it is a blast. Please understand this uses more paint. We measure fun in happiness, not time.

What kind of music do you play?

We play music that is upbeat and makes for a fun environment. We cannot guarantee you won't hear a curse word.

Is Splatter Box an actual box?

No. It is a large shared space to get messy.

How old is your building?

It is the oldest industrial building in Albany, built in 1867. Also known as the Ironworks Building.

Do you have lockers?

Yes. We have lockers for you to store valuables and locks to use at no cost. Just ask for a lock.

How do we take home wet canvases?

We have boxes that come with your purchase of a canvas.

Do I have to wear shoes?

YES. Closed toe shoes are required.

Is this a guided lesson?

No. Splatter Box is a DIY studio. You get the paint and create your own artwork.

Is photography allowed?

Yes. We encourage you to take photos and please tag us on FB and IG! By entering the studio you acknowledge that you may ave your picture taken and it may be posted online.

When are you least busy?

Sunday evenings are generally a little less busy but no guarantees.

Do you do refunds

No refunds, but rescheduling is not a problem. You can reschedule by loging in as a site member and looking at your bookings.

Do I have to chaperone my child.

Yes, any child under 16 must have an adult chaperone in view of the child at all times. Maximum 4 children per 1 adult chaperone.

Can we bring alcohol?

No alcohol is allowed.

Is there a viewing area?

You may see a viewing area on one of the videos, but unfortunatley we were unable to keep paint off of it, and it is no longer available. Parents will have to attend inside the splatter box. If you are booking a party, then you will have table seating available for guests to wait outside of the painting area.

Are the videos current?

Over the years we have had various videos made, and they do a great job of showing the activity, but we have had to make a few changes to how the bookings are made. Make sure to read the booking info and don't rely just on the video information.

Do all bookings get to use the splatter area

Yes of course. If you book a group, party, or after dark option, all of these bookings means you can throw paint in the splatter area.

Do you have a telephone number?

The quickest way to reach us is via email, or Facebook message. You can also text 541-231-7922 with your question and to set up a phone call. We don't do bookings or reschedule over the phone. Bookings have to be made on the website and to reschedule, email us from the email you booked with.

Are there age restrictions?

No, we are all ages except for the adult nights. We leave the discretion up to the parents or care takers if they are of the senior popluation. Most kids of all ages love playing in the paint, especially with there hands, some young children may be overwhelmed with all of the excitment and paint throwing. We suggest doing a canvas with the youngest ones vs paint throwing, but again, it is up to parents discretion.

What kind of paint do you use?

It's non toxic and conforms to ASTM d-4236 regulations and is AP certified. It is a flourescent tempura paint. If you have any allergy concerns we recommend you to skip this activity.

Do you provide safety glasses?

We do provide those for you. Please put in the dirty supplies bucket when your done. The paint is safe and non toxic, but we have found it to be more comfortable to keep out of your eyes with the glasses.

Can we squirt with water?

No. Using water to fill bottles or any other way in Splatter Box is Vandalism. Do not throw/shoot or pour water. It destroys floors, walls, stereo equipment, and electrical. We are not a water fight facility. Those caught doing this will be responsible for damages.

I am running late, what do I do?

Don't worry, we should still be able to accomodate you. Text us your name and ETA to 541-231-7922.

CDC guidelines

What is your policy regarding coronavirus?

Do to the ever changing guidelines, please check with your doctor and the cdc website for the most up to date guidelines regarding health, etc. We ask guests to stay home if they have covid 19 related symptoms or have recently been exposed to anyone who has tested positive.