Rules & Additional Information

  • We use black lights and uv paint! SB is a large  area that your group will share. 

  • Clean up sink. You can wash hands and face, please no "Sponge baths"

  • Free use of our brushes

  • Use canvases to create a Jackson Pollock style design, paint on the "graffiti walls", or make designs on each other. 

  • Paint is heavy bodied tempera and will wash off your body in a shower, but may stain clothing. 

  • We have "survival kits" that we strongly recommend if you are concerned with getting messy. Although we do have a sink, it is not possible to get all paint off in there.

  • Do no use any water in the splatter Box, this is vandalism as it damages the walls, floors, and electrical. We are not a water fight facility.

  • Canvas designs use less paint. "Paint throwing" can use more paint. Check out the Splatter Menu for pricing on additional paint. 

  • Music! We play a variety of hits and we play it loud. Most songs are mainstream hits from all decades and genres. 

  • Move! Dance, jump get loud. But please NO RUNNING. 

  • Drums! Yes we have drums! Pour on the paint and let the rhythm flow.