2. Responsible adult must be in attendance, and in visual contact with children,  at all times.

  3. Closed toed shoes recommended for your safety.

  4. Eye protection must be worn. (we do provide)

  5. No physical contact with others.

  6. No climbing/standing on tables, walls, chairs, etc.

  7. Use chalk markers on plastic covered walls only.

  8. No glitter, sand, or confetti.

  9. Do not throw/shoot or pour water. This is vandalism as it destroys the floors, walls, stereo equipment, and electrical.

  10. Those not following rules may be removed.

  11. Adults are expected to enforce above rules for your enjoyment and safety.


  • Paint is Tempera certified Non-toxic and conforms to Conforms to ASTM D-4236 regulations and is AP certified.

  • Tempera is egg based. Those with any kind of allergy concerns not limited to egg, are recommended to skip this activity. 

  • Paint and markers can stain some fabrics

  • No outside art supplies.

  • We recommend wearing poncho kits.

  • We do not supply plastic bags.

  • Bus your own paint supplies to designated buckets please.

  • Those not following rules may be removed.