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  1. Have Fun

  2. No Running

  3. No food, balloons, or decorations.

  4. Responsible adult must be in attendance, and in visual contact with children,  at all times.

  5. Closed toed shoes recommended for your safety. (Paint can stain some shoes)

  6. Eye protection must be worn. (we do provide)

  7. No physical contact with others.

  8. No climbing/standing on tables, walls, chairs, etc.

  9. No outside art supplies

  10. Do not throw/shoot or pour water. This is destroys the floors, walls, stereo equipment, and electrical.

  11. Bus your used supplies to designated dirty supply cans.

  12. Do not change clothes or clean paint off your self in our 1 bathroom. It needs to stay available for people to use as intended. We have a designated clean up sink and have no place for clothes changing. 

  13. The person that books has to be in attendance for the duration of the booking. 

  14. Those not following rules may be asked to leave.

  15. Adults are expected to enforce above rules for your enjoyment and safety.

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