Rules and additional information

  • If you've never been, we strongly suggest you to try it first.

  • We use black lights and uv paint! SB is a large 2500 sq ft area on second floor to accommodate the entire party

  • Use your credit to purchase paint as you choose

  • Clean up sink. You can wash hands and face, please no "Sponge baths"

  • Free use of our tools, brushes, squirt guns, etc.

  • Purchase canvases to create a Jackson Pollock style design, paint on the "graffiti walls", or make designs on each other. 

  • Paint is heavy bodied tempera and will wash off your body in a shower, but may stain clothing. 

  • We have "survival kits" that we strongly recommend if you are concerned with getting messy. Although we do have a sink, it is not possible to get all paint off in there.

  • Your party comes with a credit to use towards additional paint, canvases,  etc.  Canvas designs use less paint. "Paint throwing" can use more paint. Check out the Splatter Menu for pricing. 

  • Music! We play a variety of hits and we play it loud. Most songs are mainstream hits from all decades and genres. 

  • Move! Dance, jump get loud. But please NO RUNNING. 

  • Drums! Yes we have drums! Pour on the paint and let the rhythm flow. 

  • Large 2500 sq ft 1st floor space.

  • Groups over 25 must check with us for Table and chair availability. We can accommodate over 100 guests with a private booking, contact us for details.  

  • You may NOT bring any of your own art supplies.

  • No glitter, sand, or anything like it.

  • No pinatas. 

  • 1080p Projector with 100" screen. Use this for videos, picture slide shows, movies(Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video). You can stream directly from your phone as well with a screen mirror app. You must coordinate with us well in advance if you want to use this.

  • Our 1867 Iron works building is the oldest industrial building in Albany and makes for a great looking space. it has a large open space, beautiful brick walls, large windows and original concrete floors. 

  • Paper products available, cups, forks, spoons, plates, napkins

  • Giant graffiti wall! use the chalk markers to create on the wall, tables, and even the floor! 

  • You may bring in your own food, cake, drinks. 

  • This is not a private rental of the building. You may be sharing the building with another party. There is plenty of space. More details on private parties

  • You are welcome to bring your own decorations as well. No glitter, sand, pinatas.

  • Set up to 30 minutes prior.   

  • Party favor bags available for $5. Purchase in advance via online store.

Rules and notices:

Responsible adult must be in attendance at all times

Closed toed shoes required

Paint is Tempera certified Non-toxic and conforms to Conforms to ASTM D-4236 regulations and is AP certified.

Tempera is egg based. Those with any kind of allergy concerns not limited to egg, are recommended to skip this activity. 

Safety glasses required (on 2nd floor)

Paint and markers can stain some fabrics

Keep your hands and arms to yourself (no physical contact)

Ask permission before throwing paint at someone

No climbing/standing on furniture

Use chalk markers on tables or plastic covered walls only

Adults must remain in visual contact with children at all times


No glitter, sand, or confetti

Do not throw/shoot or pour water

No outside art supplies

We recommend wearing poncho kits

We do not supply plastic bags

Bus your own paint supplies to designated buckets please

No splatter paint or splatter paint clean up on 1st floor

No paint clean up in bathrooms, we like to reserve for those in need

Those not following rules may be removed

Adults are expected to enforce above rules

  • Party- Includes 10 participants. $25 per additional participant. Each paid participant receives a $25 paint credit. Guests are no charge. Max 25 total people. Guests + Participants = Total

  • Private party- Includes 10 people. $25 per additional person. Each paid participant receives a $25 paint credit. Guests are still $25/person.

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131 Montgomery st NE Albany, OR 97321

Downtown Albany

Hours: Book online. No walk ins.

I5 Exit 234

1hr from Portland, Eugene, Newport.