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New splatter toys!
New splatter toys!

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Creativity Unleashed

Neon uv splatter paint is a great time!

Bazookas and brushes are a few of the things you can use to make the messiest masterpiece around! 

Will I Get Messy?

Possibly...Most likely...

Tempera egg-based paint is safe and washable but still may stain clothing. If you have any allergy concerns please contact us. Please wear appropriate attire. Not responsible for any paint stains of any kind. We have "survival kits" available for purchase. (poncho, shower cap, shoe covers.

Can I Choose What To Paint?

 Want to paint an extra canvas? We have canvases to paint for as low as $7 and paint kits for $5! Take home canvases same day with our free take home boxes!

Do we offer parties? 

Book Your spot for 1hr of splatter time.

$25 per person.

Credit towards your choice of items from the menu.


Groups over 10 People need to book Max party 

Rules and notices:

Responsible adult must be in attendance at all times

Closed toed shoes required

Paint is Tempera certified Non-toxic and conforms to Conforms to ASTM D-4236 regulations and is AP certified.

Tempera is egg based. Those with any kind of allergy concerns not limited to egg, are recommended to skip this activity. 

Safety glasses required (on 2nd floor)

Paint and markers can stain some fabrics

Keep your hands and arms to yourself (no physical contact)

Ask permission before throwing paint at someone

No climbing/standing on furniture

Use chalk markers on tables or plastic covered walls only

Adults must remain in visual contact with children at all times


No glitter, sand, or confetti

Do not throw/shoot or pour water

No outside art supplies

We recommend wearing poncho kits

We do not supply plastic bags

Bus your own paint supplies to designated buckets please

No splatter paint or splatter paint clean up on 1st floor

No paint clean up in bathrooms, we like to reserve for those in need

Those not following rules may be removed

Adults are expected to enforce above rules