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Creativity Unleashed

Neon uv splatter paint is a great time!

Bazookas and brushes are a few of the things you can use to make the messiest masterpiece around! 

Will I Get Messy?

Possibly...Most likely...

Tempera egg-based paint is safe and washable but still may stain clothing. If you have any allergy concerns please contact us. Please wear appropriate attire. Not responsible for any paint stains of any kind. We have "survival kits" available for purchase. (poncho, shower cap, shoe covers.

Can I Choose What To Paint?

 Want to paint an extra canvas? We have canvases to paint for as low as $7 and paint kits for $5! Take home canvases same day with our free take home boxes!

Do we offer parties? 

Book Your spot for 1hr of splatter time.

$25 per person.

Credit towards your choice of items from the menu.


Groups over 10 People need to book Max party