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How it works

Get crazy! Dance! Get messy! Get loud!

  1. Arrive at your scheduled booking time.

  2. Check in at the paint bar and get your paint, and order any additional paint, shirts, etc that you may like.

  3. Put valuables in the lockers.

  4. Enter the designated paint areas and paint a canvas, a shirt,  a hat, or each other. Paint wars will use the paint more quickly.  

  5. If you decide during your session to get more paint, just head up to the paint bar and add it to your tab.

  6. Take epic photos covered in paint, or in front of the crazy murals. 

  7. Tell your kids, "This "random 90's song" was big in my day"

  8. Check out at the paint bar if you had any additional purchases. 

  9. Locate the free plastic roll outside the front door and cut off as much as you need to cover yourself or your car. 

  10. Post your epic pictures to show all of your friends what a great time they missed out on.  Be sure to tag Splatter Box on all of the socials.