Life Drawing

It’s a fun filled activity that is perfect for hens who’ve got a  sense of humor and who like their activities a little cheeky (or in the case of some of our models, a lot cheeky).

 Life drawing is an activity that works with groups of all ages and make ups. The focus is on light-hearted laughs with friends, and the fun, friendly atmosphere is a crowd-pleaser even with the sternest of stern mothers of the bride. 

What to Expect

At a private venue you and your girls will start off your session with a brief introduction. You’ll get to meet your model and learn a little about them, which is nice to do before you see a lot of them. Yes, these models will be naked, and this tends to mean you girls will have a little giggle. The models are all incredibly professional and perfect at keeping the atmosphere light and friendly, and perfect for your party.

If your experience of art is non-existent, don't worry. Our parties are aimed at all artistic levels, the focus is on having fun and your instructor will be on hand with a few tips to turn your scribbles into well… slightly less worse scribbles.


Cheeky (literally), fun, and just a little bit silly, a hen life drawing session is something everybody can enjoy and is a great alternative for hens who don’t fancy seeing an actual strip show.

What You Get

  • A friendly instructor who’ll guide your session

  • A professional model who’ll strut their stuff

  • A light-hearted atmosphere perfect for your hen

  • A perfect activity for hens with a sense of humor!


  • First 10 guests- $250

    • Additional- $25​

  • All drawing material needed

  • 2 hours

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131 Montgomery st NE Albany, OR 97321

Downtown Albany

Hours: Book online. No walk ins.

I5 Exit 234

1hr from Portland, Eugene, Newport.